College players who didn't get drafted are now free to sign with any team in the NFL
| 1493578317
Bob Quinn is still undecided on Eric Ebron's option with the Detroit Lions.
| 1493575039
Mike Mayock thinks Bob Quinn has done a great job for the Detroit Lions.
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Jarrad Davis will play middle linebacker in the NFL for the Detroit Lions.
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Ranking the newest members of the Detroit Lions NFL Draft class.
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Good friends Kenny Golladay and Pat O'Connor have been reunited with the Detroit Lions.
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ESPN named the best and riskiest moves for the Detroit Lions in the NFL Draft.
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Recapping the Detroit Lions 2017 NFL Draft class.
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Pete Prisco was unimpressed with what the Detroit Lions did in the NFL Draft.
No teams did bad enough to earn an 'F,' and give credit where it's due to the 49ers(!) and Browns(!!)

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