The Lions reportedly will become the latest professional sports team in Detroit to host an LGBT pride night.
Levy fancies himself a world traveler, and this season's trip looks pretty incredible.
Some college football coaches receive endless opportunities, whether due to early success or just a last name. Here are five prominent examples.
The 1972 Dolphins. The 1978 Steelers. The 2000 Ravens. The 1942 Bears. Wait, what? Not the 85 Bears? Here is the best team in each NFL franchise's history.
What do Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Bowe have in common? They're good, but not great. Here is each team's most overhyped player.
Who are the studs who aren't getting their due on every NFL team? Here are 32 players who deserve more credit, led by Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth, a true pro's pro.
Byron Maxwell, Benjamin Watson, and Calvin Johnson have all spoken out against the Confederate flag flying in South Carolina.
It's the annual Rookie Training Week for the Lions and that means, among other things, learning to tie a proper knot.
Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones wants a new contract, but he won't be holding out to get it anytime soon
Pete Prisco creates a real NFL roster of 53 players using real salary cap figures.

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