| 1500933330
Nevin Lawson has joined Twitter and his Lions teammates are showing him the love.
| 1500932012
The Lions could see an intense competition play out at left tackle.
| 1500930300
A Michigan store is celebrating a Lions division title which didn't happen.
| 1500926935
Linebacker Zach Orr has taken a fourth free agency visit to the Texans.
| 1500919045
The sweepstakes for Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander could be heating up.
| 1500914006
Eric Ebron was no fan of USA Today's prediction for the Lions season.
| 1500910683
Jarrad Davis trained with Dak Prescott in Florida before Lions camp.
| 1500904206
The Lions aren't projected to do big things by USA Today in 2017.
| 1500902524
The Lions could be a threat to make their first Super Bowl in 2017.
| 1500901389
Detroit's soccer team has passed the Detroit Lions in playoff victories.

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