The NFL officially returns ... in five-and-a-half months
The Packers QB is the latest to concede that Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T.
| 1487870913
Eddie Lacy could do some damage with Tom Brady in 2017.
The Packers quarterback would like you to know that he's faster than the NFL says he is
| 1487864515
Aaron Rodgers had to call out the NFL for its "mistake."
| 1487862819
The Packers know how to find the mid-round prospects.
| 1487860372
Brett Hundley played in five regular season and postseason games in 2016.
| 1487855700
Aaron Rodgers and Tom Crabtree have started a Twitter war.
| 1487802063
Nick Perry recorded 11 sacks in 2016.
| 1487792064
Eddie Lacy will likely get a reasonable contract when he signs his next NFL contract.

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