| 1496026401
Brett Favre has gotten more buff since retiring from the NFL.
These 11 players could have a Dwight Freeney-type impact for the right team
| 1495989339
Clay Matthews close to not being a member of the Green Bay Packers.
| 1495987153
Robert Parins was the Packers president from 1982 to 1989.
Talk about a great Christmas present
| 1495831795
Devante Mays was the third running back drafted by the Packers this year.
| 1495824379
Damarious Randall looks to bounce back in 2017.
| 1495821974
Aaron Rodgers wants to do exactly what Tom Brady is doing.
Heath Cummings looks at the crowded backfields created by the NFL Draft and reveals his updated Dynasty running back rankings.
| 1495809147
Peter King also announced his offseaon ranking for Packers.

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