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The Packers may have a chance to draft a top 10 pick on Thursday.
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Jamaal Charles rushed for over 1,000 in five of his nine seasons.
| 1493215792
Jon Gruden drafted Cadillac Williams instead.
The Browns take a QB, but it isn't who you think, while RBs are left out of the first round
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The Green Bay Packers need to fix the defense if they want to reach Super Bowl 52.
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Aaron Rodgers wants to play until he's 45.
From Jadeveon Clowney to Odell Beckham, here's the option year prognosis for each 2014 first-round pick
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This draft prospect could start right away for the Packers.
Gruden's team took Cadillac Williams instead of Rodgers in the 2005 NFL Draft
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The Green Bay Packers will need to address these positions this weekend.

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