| 1469737674
Mike Daniels' teammates aren't surprised he was the first player to get the fighting started.
Chris Towers drafted Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to the same team recently. He makes the argument why it makes sense.
| 1469733743
This is one of the best days of Packers training camp.
| 1469729192
Eddie Lacy is facing the same scenario Eli Manning did in 2014.
| 1469726769
Steve Fezzik is going outside the box when it comes to his Super Bowl favorite.
| 1469724130
Last season, former Alabama running back Eddie Lacy could not escape questions about his weight. His production on the field declined, as many, including Green Bay Packers
| 1469720243
Paul Ryan is a huge Packers fan and owner.
| 1469718743
The Packers will also clinch the No. 2 seed.
| 1469716101
Mike Daniels wants to get the most out of the first-round pick.
| 1469714308
This will be Brett Favre's first regular sports media role since retiring in 2010.

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