Was this NFL tweet a coincidence, or was it a troll job?
Jim Kelly thinks Tom Brady is guilty, and he doesn't understand why Brady deflated the footballs in the first place.
Aaron Rodgers has everything you want in a QB, and so does Garrett Grayson. We list the perfect prototypes for each position, from the wily veterans to the fresh rookies.
Now that Ryan Tannehill signed a deal worth $96 million, Colts punter Pat McAfee thinks Andrew Luck's new deal is going to be off the charts.
Months after losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll gave his thoughts on the NFL's investigation into Deflategate.
Tom Brady got away from Deflategate by playing some golf with Michael Jordan.
Hayne has especially done well catching punts, which could improve his chances of making the team.
What are the chances Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota deliver a Lombardi Trophy to their new teams? Not super, given the track record of QBs drafted 1-2.
The Patriots fired back at the Wells Report on Thursday. Next up will be Brady's camp. Here's what to expect.

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