Much like Tebowmania several years ago, Johnny Manziel's journey to NFL starting quarterback will be all-consuming whether we like it or not.
As we make our way toward free agency on May 11, here were the news, reports and rumors that happened on Wednesday.
New storylines emerge every week. Some are reasonable, most are not. 'This Week in Overreactions' focuses on the latter.
The Chicago Bears faced a steep grading curve in 2012 considering they had to make the playoffs or face a coaching change. When they started out 7-1, the curve became even steeper and made their ultimate collapse all the more severe.
Even teams that blow 7-1 starts to miss the playoffs and get their coach fired have MVPs. The Bears often have had seasons devoid of individual accomplishment, but plenty of players stood out in a season that once held so much promise.
Earning a respectable report card after being denied a playoff berth is a little like finding out you've aced the final exam but have flunked the course. Such is the case for the Bears.
To borrow a phrase from another road trip to the desert in the past, the Bears were who we thought they were in a 28-13 win over Arizona.
Playoff hopes for the Bears have now dwindled to only a wild card following their 21-13 loss to the Packers on Sunday. The Bears no longer control their own fate. It's a collapse from 7-1 to now being 8-6 and outside of the playoff picture.
Their big lead in the NFC North now a memory, the Chicago Bears continue a free-fall similar to last season's -- this time without the convenient excuse of losing quarterback Jay Cutler to injury.

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