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The Minnesota Vikings possess the eighth most difficult schedule in the NFL.
Peterson would join a formidable backfield that includes Mark Ingram and, of course, Drew Brees.
| 1493062225
Free agent running back Adrian Peterson could be playing for the New Orleans Saints in 2017.
| 1493061998
Highlighting the dream draft scenario for the Minnesota Vikings.
Can the Browns get it right? Can the Cowboys and Raiders build dynasties?
| 1493051721
Jake Long announces retirement from the NFL following latest injury.
Everybody whiffs in the draft. Here's the worst pick for each franchise since 1995
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Mike Remmers took in a Minnesota Wild hockey game over the weekend.
From busts to Super Bowl-winning underdogs, 10 NFL Drafts have churned out a disparity of QBs
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Mike Mayock breaks down the offensive line options at the 48th pick.

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