| 1500660857
Mike Zimmer put himself and his health on the line for his football team.
| 1500648582
Randy Moss once made DeAngelo Hall look ridiculous during a preseason game.
| 1500643371
Eric Kendricks knows there will be a target on the former Vikings star's back.
| 1500641640
Ahmad Rashad just shared a photo from before his best season in the NFL.
| 1500569437
Laquon Treadwell is the biggest Viking question heading into camp.
| 1500523433
The Minnesota Vikings probably have a better QB situation than this ranking gives them credit for.
| 1500522660
Emmanuel Lamur is fired up to get back to work with his Vikings teammates.
| 1500492180
Xavier Rhodes just threw out one of the boldest takes you'll hear on all-time cornerbacks.
| 1500484460
Adam Thielen is more popular in North Dakota than Carson Wentz.
| 1500480323
Dalvin Cook is a candidate -- Mike Priefer hopes -- to make an impact on special teams.

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