Aaron Rodgers has everything you want in a QB, and so does Garrett Grayson. We list the perfect prototypes for each position, from the wily veterans to the fresh rookies.
Even when you're the MVP, there are still many things left to accomplish.
Between offseason signings, the draft and players returning from injury, Dallas spent its offseason trying to turn its biggest defensive weakness into a strong point.
Jamey Eisenberg answers your offseason Fantasy Football questions in his weekly #fantasymail blog.
Hall of Famer and former Jets quarterback Joe Namath thinks the league has bigger issues than how much air is in the football.
The MVP defeated Kevin O'Leary and Mark Kelly.
NFL offenses are increasingly incorporating spread elements, and those tactics have tended to be extremely efficient as well. So why does the league largely profess to be anti-spread?
If the Patriots go after a veteran quarterback, they're going to find that the pickings are slim.
Playing without Tom Brady will be tough on the Patriots, but if Jimmy Garoppolo plays well, there could be a silver lining.
On Friday, Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, who was on the Patriots' coaching staff in 2012, said that Tom Brady should be suspended for his role in Deflategate.

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