NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent thinks the NFLPA has better uses for its money than to take commissioner Roger Goodell to court.
A group of eight Hall of Fame voters who were polled said that Tom Brady's legacy and Hall of Fame chances wouldn't be affected by Deflategate.
The 1972 Dolphins. The 1978 Steelers. The 2000 Ravens. The 1942 Bears. Wait, what? Not the 85 Bears? Here is the best team in each NFL franchise's history.
Rob Gronkowski tried to rap at a Georgia bar and got thrown off the stage as a result of his poor freestyling.
Darrelle Revis, Logan Ryan, Devin McCourty, and Tavon Wilson will all head to Arizona together before training camp begins.
Broncos wideout Emmanuel Sanders says the Patriots 'shouldn't be a champion' after the Deflategate scandal.
Tom Brady could ultimately end up playing Week 1 for the Patriots despite his suspension. Here's why.
Deflating footballs seems to be a popular pastime in the NFL.
What do Russell Wilson, Percy Harvin, Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Bowe have in common? They're good, but not great. Here is each team's most overhyped player.
Who are the studs who aren't getting their due on every NFL team? Here are 32 players who deserve more credit, led by Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth, a true pro's pro.

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