Anderson will be keeping track of the linebackers who get picked before him on draft night
| 1493214237
Andre Tippett and Matthew Slater are slated to announce the New England Patriots' NFL Draft selections.
The Browns take a QB, but it isn't who you think, while RBs are left out of the first round
| 1493212414
Skip Bayless says currently he's never seen a more prohibitive favorite than the New England Patriots.
| 1493210223
The New England Patriots now know what it'll cost them to keep Brandin Cooks for 2018.
| 1493206642
The New England Patriots show off their newly signed running back Mike Gillislee with a 2016 highlight tape.
| 1493203941
Mike Gillislee gives fans a first look of him in a New England Patriots uniform.
From Jadeveon Clowney to Odell Beckham, here's the option year prognosis for each 2014 first-round pick
| 1493147611
Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson says he'll be chasing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady once he enters the NFL.
| 1493145391
Aaron Hernandez's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the former New England Patriots first degree murder conviction.

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