The Falcons, Packers and Cowboys all need the same thing: pass rush help
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Consistency (read: stability) is key in the NFL, especially at the quarterback position. Teams that have consistent and reliable quarterback play tend to contend
Pittsburgh is second only to New England in franchise wins in the Big Ben era
Windows slam shut quickly in the NFL, and these teams need to be aggressive
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The New Orleans Saints 2016 rookie class had a solid first season, at least according to a recent grade from NFL.com.
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If you need some high caliber fantasy production for the 2017 NFL season, look no further than the New Orleans Saints.
Here's the most likely outcome for all three coveted passers
Jarrius is making a strong bid for All-Star Weekend MVP
The Saints have had a weak pass rush for years
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New Orleans Saints superfan Jarrius Robertson's passion for sports stretches beyond the football field.

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