Hate the Patriots all you want, but they're not going anywhere as a Super Bowl contender after coming up short in Denver. This roster, and its star QB, are built to last.
The offensive identity of the Giants centers around the passing game, but new head coach Ben McAdoo hopes to achieve better balance and consistency in the run game, making Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott a natural fit for New York in the top-10.
Andy Reid stands by every decision the Chiefs made late in the game vs. New England.
Both the Browns and 49ers hit home runs with their coaching hires.
It's official: the Eagles have hired Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson as their next head coach.
If you think the Titans are serious about winning in 2016, you're full of Mularkey. Tennessee's uninspired GM and coach hirings scream of an ownership group that's out to lunch.
Tom Brady shouldered the offensive load for the Pats and led his team to yet another playoff victory.
Andy Reid still doesn't understand clock management.
Carson Palmer goes for his first postseason win, Tom Brady will set another playoff record, Peyton Manning returns after a historically long layoff, and more.
Pete Prisco sees all four wild-card winners having trouble pulling off a second straight road win in the playoffs. Will the Patriots and Broncos meet in the AFC Championship? Are the Panthers and Cardinals headed for a showdown?

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