John Mara says Beckham needs to show more maturity, but he wishes every player worked as hard as he does
John Mara is a big fan of OBJ but probably not going to get a contract done
| 1498231579
The solution to fixing the New York Giants run game is right in front of us.
| 1498230921
Why Ben McAdoo is a sneaky favorite to take home the top honor.
| 1498229871
The New York Giants will open these 11 training camp practices to the public.
Eli Manning has new weapons in Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram, and the Giants have a new starting running back in Paul Perkins. Fantasy owners can use all of these players, as well as that other guy, Odell Beckham.
| 1498160199
The 1987 New York Giants defense has just been ranked among the best ever.
| 1498159755
New York Giants announce 2017 training camp schedule, location, etc.
| 1498158935
John Mara recently had an excellent private conversation with Odell Beckham Jr.
| 1498154148
Geno Smith and Antonio Brown enjoyed a late night practice on the Steelers' practice field.

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