Not only can Odell Beckham Jr. catch, he can also kick.
The two teams for the 2015 Pro Bowl are finally set.
The New York Post and New York Daily News had some fun with the Patriots deflated football controversy.
The Titans at No. 2 would have a chance to draft the quarterback who doesn't go first overall. However, Tennessee might elect to stick with Zach Mettenberger as the 2015 starter and address another need area.
With much of the NFL's scouting community descending this week on Mobile, Alabama and the annual Senior Bowl, one might think the focus would be on upperclassmen. That won't be the case for teams selecting in the top 10, however.
Jennings said the Giants have the chance to be special next season
New York's owner has been against it in the past, but is now rethinking his position.
The popular narrative is that the offensively-starved Tampa Bay Buccaneers have an easy choice with Oregon's Marcus Mariota as the top pick of the 2015 draft. Rather than gamble on a quarterback who may not be a great fit in their offense, defensive minded-head coach Lovie Smith may push for the draft's best player, Southern Cal's Leonard Williams.
After an official review, the biggest catch of the game didn't end up being a catch.

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