Fortunes can be made or lost in a contract year, and players like Josh Norman, Eric Berry, Michael Crabtree and Doug Martin are on pace to cash in big. On the other end, Sam Bradford and Alfred Morris are losing value.
The Browns and 49ers appeared open to making significant trades before the deadline, but other organizations expressed frustration with negotiations involving those teams.
Bill Cowher believes the Bengals are the "most balanced" team in the NFL, while the Broncos are like the "2000 Baltimore Ravens."
Despite swirling rumors that the Browns were going to trade All-Pro LT Joe Thomas, the franchise -- as well as 31 other teams around the league -- did nothing.
According to a report the Broncos offered a first-round pick to the Browns in exchange for Joe Thomas.
The Browns are willing to deal just about anyone before the trade deadline on Tuesday.
Panthers adding a star receiver? Broncos trading for an elite running back? Seahawks and Colts adding interior line help? It likely won't happen before the trade deadline, no matter how much sense it makes.
The Cowboys season is just about over. That and more in this week's Sorting the Sunday Pile.

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