The Patriots should roll, but they've got a tough schedule ahead of them in 2016. The rest of the AFC East does too, making for some challenging Fantasy deductions.
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The Jets went without their primary running back at practice on Friday. Matt Forte sat out practice with a hamstring injury, assessed by team trainers and doctors
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New York Jets cornerback Dexter McDougle walked off the field on the second day of the team's training camp with what appears to be a hand injury, according to
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Jets head coach Todd Bowles said on Thursday what everybody knew after the team signed Ryan Fitzpatrick. “It’s his job,” Bowles said. And for good
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Ryan Fitzpatrick went into the offseason knowing exactly what he felt he was worth. When the Jets made him their offers, he learned there was a serious disagreement
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Geno Smith has mixed feelings about Ryan Fitzpatrick coming back, to say the least. All through the offseason, it looked increasingly like he would finally regain his
Marshall wants to bet expensive cars on each player's receiving yards, and Brown sounds down
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Brandon Marshall talks that talk, bets his Porsche he'll outplay Antonio Brown (via bmarshall/Instagram)https://t.co/ZjvJcNqdJl — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport)
Chris Towers drafted Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to the same team recently. He makes the argument why it makes sense.
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It took all of about two plays for New York Jets rookie linebacker Jordan Jenkins to make an impact in his first training camp. (What's next for the Bulldogs? Make sure

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