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The New York Jets clearly saw value out of Matt Forte when they decided to sign him this offseason as a free agent. Come to find out, the gridiron isn't the only
| 1469321373
OUInsider.com concludes its top defensive players countdown with the best safeties.
| 1469212152
Ryan Fitzpatrick just got some public support from one of his colleagues. Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer thinks his friend and fellow signal caller deserves a
| 1469210900
Ryan Fitzpatrick made a public appearance of sorts recently, at a golf tournament out in Nevada, though he wasn’t interested in speaking about his ongoing
| 1469210897
For all of the talk that Darrelle Revis, now 31 years old, is facing a headlong decline, one of his rivals disagrees. Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson had the
| 1469210895
Sporting News has released their latest rankings of NFL general managers this week. Rotoworld released a similar list earlier this year, in which they placed Mike
It's long past time to make tweaks to the NFL's process of hiring minority head coaches
| 1469131175
The Jets are in a good position in fielding some of the most respected names in the league on defense. The fourth best unit overall and second best against the run,
| 1469124506
One of the strengths of the Jets' highly-ranked offense last season, left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson announced his retirement earlier this year, carving
The NFL's most undervalued player? A nose tackle with just 3.5 career sacks

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