This was reportedly McClain's third violation and the next results in a four-game suspension.
Could Denver's star tight end be plying his trade elsewhere next season?
Which teams could use a star pass rusher and won't shy away from personal baggage?
NFL offseason is here and the clock is ticking. Will Ndamukong Suh walk? Will Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas get tagged? Here's key dates for every team.
It's quite possibly the nastiest job in the NFL. What's it like trying to take down Marshawn Lynch? A host of Pro Bowlers describe the punishment.
Garrett will soon be the longest-tenured head coach since Jerry Jones took over the team in 1989.
Harris feels the Broncos wasted all of their hard work from the regular season in Sunday's loss to the Colts.
An eventful NFL playoffs divisional weekend is a wrap, but before we head down the conference championship games road, what did we learn from the past two days, and the season in general?
Aaron Rodgers is going to be awfully hard to beat at Lambeau, as is Manning at Denver. And let's hope the refs don't take center stage again.
NFL players keep coming up with creative ways to let their followers know they have a game coming up.

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