| 1488211068
Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was left out to dry by his pass catchers often in 2016.
| 1488208251
Could the Oakland Raiders replace Latavius Murray with Adrian Peterson?
| 1488128571
Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray will have the option to play in a different city next season.
It's not easy being an NFL head coach in the offseason
| 1488038333
The Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans took part in a very successful experiment last season.
| 1488036829
The Oakland Raiders have eight picks in the 2017 NFL Draft, thanks to a trade with the Seattle Seahawks from last September.
Tennessee double dips on DBs, and several others target the secondary in a deep class
| 1487875912
Oakland Raiders punter Marquette King just risked alienating half of his fanbase with this comment.
The NFL officially returns ... in five-and-a-half months
| 1487873245
Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray is likely to suit up for a new team in 2017.

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