Winston criticized the St. Louis Rams for their handling of Case Keenum's concussion earlier this season.
When Case Keenum's head bounced off the turf late in the Rams' game against the Ravens a few weeks ago, it was clear that he was, at the very least, woozy.
What's wrong with the Green Bay Packers' offense? Something is off, and it's affecting quarterback Aaron Rodgers in a big way. A closer look at previous game tapes reveals what's stalling the once-mighty Packers offense.
Lost amid the actual football on the field is the ongoing lawsuit between Tom Brady and the NFL -- and the union wants 'a neutral or independent arbitrator' to be involved in the process of meting out discipline of players who fall under the personal conduct umbrella.
We've seen this the past four years: the Bengals look great, and then fall apart in the postseason. But they're different this year. Really. And it begins with the play of Andy Dalton, who finally looks comfortable running Cincy's offense.
Eric Winston said it's "hard to imagine" a new CBA without a change to Roger Goodell's power.

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