| 1498446879
Jackson remains one of the most electrifying players in Eagles history.
| 1498401414
Could the Eagles trade Jordan Matthews and replace him with Nelson Agholor in the slot?
The Eagles quarterback was recently hanging with Josh Duhamel and Fergie
| 1498249909
Jurgensen kept the Eagles relevant in the early 1960s.
| 1498245770
TLC makes a pretty hilarious offer to Fultz for the No. 20.
| 1498242628
Torrey Smith defends Skip Bayless on tweet involving LaVar Ball.
David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliot are in a tier of their own this season. After that, things get more interesting in this first look at the position.
| 1498240230
Davey O'Brien set NFL records during his two seasons with the Eagles.
| 1498238675
The Sixers stars will not be restricted in 2017.
| 1498231200
LeGarrette Blount is the No. 1 running back for the Eagles. No doubt about it.

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