| 1495496896
Walker tweets he'll be back with the Eagles.
| 1495482504
Chase Daniel and Vinny Curry deals are hurting the Eagles cap.
| 1495478606
Jalen Mills wants Eagles to be the best defense in the NFL.
| 1495476211
The Eagles will undergo a uniform change after all.
| 1495469782
Wahlberg tweets farewell to LeGarrette Blount.
| 1495463533
The Eagles head coach decided to give Carson Wentz what Dak Prescott had in 2016.
| 1495461270
The Eagles appear to be ready to move on from Ryan Mathews.
| 1495459105
Curry revealed he was hurt through the 2016 season.
All eyes will be on these QBs, touted rookies and vets on prove-it deals
The Patriots coach isn't always in a hoodie

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