The Bears won't bring back running back Matt Forte, opting to go with second-year rusher Jeremy Langford. Dave Richard thinks it's good news for both players' Fantasy value.
Stan Kroenke wasn't the only person who tried to purchase the Inglewood site.
Did Magic Johnson spill the beans on Peyton Manning's retirement decision?
What will Peyton Manning do next? Days after winning his second Super Bowl, that's the question.
Rams owner Stan Kroenke just bought a piece of land that's half the size of Rhode Island.
With the Denver Broncos winning the Lombardi Trophy, the first 95 selections in the 2016 NFL Draft are now official.
One of the top football factories at the college level, Ohio State has its eyes on the first round record, which the Miami Hurricanes set in the 2004 NFL Draft with six selections. The Buckeyes are aiming for seven. Or more.
Key players around the league will see their salaries guarantee in February and March, while the 2016 league year begins on March 9.
Peyton Manning's parents don't think he'll be back in Denver next season.
This year marks the 50th edition of the league's annual title game between the NFC and AFC. Here is a look at the previous 49 Super Bowl results.

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