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NFL relocation is a wildly expensive endeavor, as the Raiders, Chargers and Rams have recently learned.
Peterson, 32, is a high-mileage runner coming off an injury-plagued season
The Raiders vote is expected as early as Monday, and 'pace of play' is also high up on the docket
Goodell said the NFL hasn't 'identified a viable solution' to keep the Raiders in Oakland
Quick never started more than eight games in a season during his five years with the Rams
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The Oakland Raiders could become the Las Vegas Raiders, if enough of these NFL owners vote a certain way next week.
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Brian Quick is heading to D.C. to join the Redskins.
San Diego will play in a Major League Soccer stadium next season
Plus, three teams move on quarterbacks in the top half of the first round in this latest mock
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Tyrunn Walker is taking his talents to Los Angeles after already showcasing them in Detroit and New Orleans.

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