Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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This year marks the 50th edition of the league's annual title game between the NFC and AFC. Here is a look at the previous 49 Super Bowl results.
What's at stake for Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, what history says about top offenses that go up against top defenses in the Super Bowl, the Panthers' red-zone attack is on an unstoppable run, and more.
There was wine-tasting, holograms, chickens, and cheaters.
How do the Panthers and Broncos match up financially at each position?
The Patriots tight end ate a bunch of chicken wings at once. It didn't go well.
Josh Norman is cocky, brash and a hell of an instinctive player. But a true lockdown corner? Not yet, especially given Carolina's preference for zone schemes.
John Elway's decision to move on from John Fox appears to be justified by the Broncos' current run.
The 'Super Bowl Babies' commercial might make you cry.
The Broncos hardly resemble the offensive juggernaut that made the Super Bowl two years ago. How John Elway rebuilt hi roster into a defensive powerhouse.
Ciara got a fun surprise from Russell Wilson after the Pro Bowl.

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