Not everybody is happy with the recent concussion settlement between the NFL and the former players that are suing it.
Starting with Eli Manning, Ndamukong Suh and Rob Gronkowski, here are 30 big-time players who are entering key contract seasons.
This should come as no surprise, but Titans rookie sixth-round pick, QB Zach Mettenberger, wants to be the Week 1 starter, incumbent Jake Locker be damned.
Pete Prisco unveils his list of the top 100 players in the NFL, noting that although Richard Sherman is a great cornerback, Patrick Peterson is the best of them all.
The NFL's most underrated player? A D-lineman without one sack last season. Overrated? A fading RB. Tony Romo also makes our team-by-team list, of course.
Among our 10 most compelling NFL coaching stories are some on hot seat (Rex Ryan, Mike Smith), others continuing success (Pete Carroll, Chip Kelly) and some new guys (Mike Pettine, Jay Gruden).
What will Cam Newton's next deal look like? Or Alex Smith's? Structure is king in NFL contracts, and knowing how each team does deals provides a blueprint.
The Titans released Chris Johnson April 4. Twelve days later, he signed with the Jets. Despite being out of work for less than two weeks, Johnson feels that he wasn't treated fairly by the team.
The Chiefs cut cornerback Brandon Flowers, and it would figure in a league looking for solid corners he would be snapped up. Such is not the case. Here's what needs to happen for him to find a new NFL home.

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