NFL players took to Twitter to show their Memorial Day appreciation.
It could have been worse; Lamarr Houston could have been mocking the QB in the process of getting injured, which is exactly what happened to the Lions' Stephen Tulloch earlier in the year.
Can the Lions use nearly half of their cap on three players? Can Dallas improve its D with so much money tied up on offense? A look at every team's three priciest players.
There's a common thread in the Packers' losses to top defenses this season, and if the Lions can follow through on it, they could get the victory in Week 17.
Aaron Rodgers poked fun at Stephen Tulloch's season-ending injury he suffered during a touchdown celebration after sacking Rodgers in Week 3.
Former UNC tight end Eric Ebron lost a bet to Stephon Tulloch and had to wear N.C. State gear as a result.

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