Here's everything you need to know about the 2017 NFL Draft
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Charlie Casserly thinks Kirk Cousins is as good as gone in 2018.
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Kirk Cousins is having some fun with his contract status.
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Haason Reddick is the perfect fit for what the Redskins are looking for.
The Browns take a QB, but it isn't who you think, while RBs are left out of the first round
With the draft starting Thursday, here's some trade fodder to gnaw on in the interim
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Nathan Peterman could be a mid-round prospect worth watching for the Redskins, per Pro Football Focus.
From Jadeveon Clowney to Odell Beckham, here's the option year prognosis for each 2014 first-round pick
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Haason Reddick is becoming more and more a target for the Redskins.
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Joe Mixon may or may not be on the draft board for the Redskins, and they are not going to reveal that.

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