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Nathan Peterman could be a mid-round prospect worth watching for the Redskins, per Pro Football Focus.
From Jadeveon Clowney to Odell Beckham, here's the option year prognosis for each 2014 first-round pick
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Haason Reddick is becoming more and more a target for the Redskins.
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Joe Mixon may or may not be on the draft board for the Redskins, and they are not going to reveal that.
Can the Browns get it right? Can the Cowboys and Raiders build dynasties?
Everybody whiffs in the draft. Here's the worst pick for each franchise since 1995
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Will Compton is back with the Redskins officially.
Expect four QBs to come off the board and for Reuben Foster not to fall out of the first round
John Lynch needs a franchise QB, but he also said the 49ers were open to trading the pick
From busts to Super Bowl-winning underdogs, 10 NFL Drafts have churned out a disparity of QBs

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