If you thought that Mike Shanahan had coached his last NFL game, you're probably not incorrect.
Former Redskins tight end Fred Davis is a wanted man after getting into an alleged altercation with an ex-girlfriend.
Four clubs already have lost top LBs, like the Bills' Kiko Alonso. When the hitting starts, that number could rise, giving veteran free agents like Jonathan Vilma a new lease on life.
As the Eagles defense looks to improve in 2014, Trent Cole will have to fend off Brandon Graham and Marcus Smith for his linebacker job.
Yet another proponent to change the Redskins name has come forward. And she has an interesting history to the team's founding.
CBS won't likely dictate to announcers on Redskins nickname in 2014.
Robert Griffin III says 'a lot of players' are worried about Thursday night games and players safety that comes from them.
Defensive end Adam Carriker would like a job. So, he presents to you a video of him lifting 505 pounds.
Three European soccer powers top 2014 'Forbes' most-valued sports teams list led by Real Madrid and Barcelona while NFL teams make up 60 percent of the top 50.
Fired Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan could've been in the booth announcing Redskins game in 2014, but instead, he turned down an offer from Fox.

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