| 1490746231
Bruce Allen just let a slip a major development in the Kirk Cousins contract front.
| 1490737200
Josh Doctson seems to be teasing his comeback for 2017.
| 1490723116
The NFL has made some changes to its rulebook for the 2017 season.
| 1490710980
The Washington Redskins still have some needs to fill moving ahead this offseason.
| 1490676062
Washington Redskins management has changed their decision.
| 1490650531
Reuben Foster slides to the Redskins in Dan Kadar's latest mock.
| 1490642696
NFL relocation is a wildly expensive endeavor, as the Raiders, Chargers and Rams have recently learned.
| 1490629509
Derrick Griffin could be the latest basketball star to make the leap to the NFL.
Finally some information out of Washington from the team president
| 1490585580
Bruce Allen is adamant Cousins is going nowhere.

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