A crowded interleague schedule means more off days than usual for some regular DHs, but Scott White has 10 sleeper hitters who would make excellent replacements.
Between Aaron Altherr, Matt Holliday, Corey Dickerson and all that came before them, you may be tired of chasing down under-owned outfielders. But Scott White says they're still a worthy use of a roster spot.
Wednesday affords us a 14-game slate of MLB action, so keep tabs on all the action right here
While Eric Thames' start has included plenty of praise, he's also had to deal with questions about PED use
Plus the Cubs keep mashing, the Mets lose another close one and more Saturday baseball
If not for his fellow umpires, Bucknor nearly blew another call on Wednesday
The sample size is laughably small, but opening day is too fun not to comment on some of what we see. Scott White shares his biggest takeaways.
Chris Towers looks at nine newsworthy lineup decisions that could impact Fantasy players this season.
Michael Brantley is suddenly looking healthy, but J.D. Martinez is not. Scott White considers what it means for the outfield position.

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