Spring is a time for renewal, and that's exactly what college football teams across the country will attempt to do as they convene for practice over the next few weeks.
Five Presidents of the United States have played college football, but which ones were the best?
This 360-degree view video of an Army paratrooper skydiving into the Army-Navy game is awesome.
You can put yourself in the shoes of the players in this great online experience of the Army-Navy game.
Navy avoided an upset loss to 2-9 Army with a second-half comeback win as Keenan Reynolds set the D-I rushing touchdown record.
Army West Point does everything big, including the way it hands out T-shirts to fans.
Chris Carter and Edgar Allan Poe linked up for a 39-yard passing touchdown to give Army a 17-14 lead late in the first half.
Keenan Reynolds rushed for his 84th career touchdown against Army to tie the all-time career rushing touchdown record in Division I football. He then rushed for his 85th to break the record minutes later.
Army is launching a secret attack with spirit forces on the Naval Academy to get ready for Saturday's game in Philadelphia.

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