The Warriors' smallball continues to dominate, the Magic give an early gift worth giving, the Raptors have greatness on Drake night, and the Cavs are just hurt. All that and more in our notes roundup.
The Pacers superstar is putting up absurd numbers and leading a surging Indiana team. His coach thinks he's the best two-way star in the league... and he may be right.
The Grizzlies are .500 yet everyone seems to think it's a total disaster. Let's not overreact, but there are some real problem here.
The bad blood between the Grizzlies and Clippers isn't going away any time soon.
Anything is possible, but from here, the idea of Mike Conley leaving Memphis to join Brooklyn seems like a pipe dream.
The Memphis International Airport launched a new website and created a must-watch mockumentary starring Grizzlies guard Tony Allen.
A lot came out of the Thunder's victory over San Antonio Wednesday night -- including the return of Kevin Durant and the respective debuts of LaMarcus Aldridge and Billy Donovan.
The Spurs and Thunder face off in a battle of the best of the West, the Cavs face the Grizzlies, and have the Wizards really transformed into something new?
Kung-Fu, the return of KD, someone hacked the Wizards, and Punk Rock Westbrook. All this and more as we look forward to the 2015-2016 NBA season.
Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss Kobe Bryant, 100-21 of the Elite 100 rankings, and much more.

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