Why would the Hawks -- a 60-win team just a season ago -- be assessing interest in their All-Star players? Ken Berger says Atlanta has its reasons, and they make sense.
On social media, LeBron James is the most popular player in the NBA.
The Celtics have the assets for acquiring a big name, but they won't mortgage their future without it being a sure thing.
The Lakers legend doesn't feel that LeBron James is his rival, because their primes didn't overlap. He also doesn't care that they never played in the Finals against each other.
Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss the demise of the Houston Rockets, possible Dwight Howard trade possibilities, and discuss what to pay attention to with the upcoming trade deadline.
Dwight Howard could be finding another home as Houston makes its first real declaration that big changes are coming.
The Golden State Warriors beat the Rockets, no surprise. How they did it is a bigger story than most will realize.
Los Angeles star Kobe Bryant believes you just have to "make a damn free throw."
A look at ten players who could change zip codes at the NBA trade deadline with two weeks to go.
Will we see even minor changes to the intentional foul situations?

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