J.R. Smith is hoping that the Cavs will not only make the finals but have a rematch against the Golden State Warriors.
New York team was heckling the Cavaliers star, claims that Smith attempted to choke him.
Steph Curry had a very slow start to his perimeter game against the Nets, but not to worry: his season 3-pointer pace is still very much intact.
J.R. Smith feels betrayed by Phil Jackson for talking about the Cavs guard's personal life to reporters.
LeBron James and company made the Finals last year behind an incredible offensive run. Have they improved this year and what does that mean for Kyrie Irving's return?
Carmelo Anthony misses J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert.
Stephen Curry has been unstoppable. Can the Grizzlies even slow down the MVP? Meanwhile the Rockets face off vs. the Thunder and the Wolves try and go to 3-0.
Pistons beat the Hawks and the Bulls survived the Cavs. Here's what we took away from the first night of action.
Nike made the shoes from the iconic sequel, complete with power laces. What players would rock the futuristic kicks on court if they could?
What were the top lineups for the East teams last year and how can they improve this season?

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