Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith was called for a phantom foul late in their game against Boston.
The Cavs may be the best team in the East, but are still reportedly looking to improve at the trade deadline.
Here are the players jumping on the radars of fans and people around the NBA this season.
Heath Cummings says we've gotten spoiled with larger slates, but this five game slate brings us back to earth.
No longer at the mercy of those who "buy ink by the barrel," NBA stars are becoming their own media, delivering their own message -- and as with all things, some are better at it than others.
Cleveland gets its biggest win of the season while the Spurs continue to struggle without Tim Duncan.
Razzle dazzle from the Cavaliers in their win over the Suns.
Cavs GM David Griffin says LeBron James doesn't run the organization.
J.R. Smith is cleared of any wrongdoing from allegations that he choked a fan in New York in 2015.
As feared, Kyrie Irving's return has pushed Kevin Love back into no-man's land as the Cavs continue to fall short of the elite teams.

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