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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Hardy is a divisive figure to begin with and was not exactly on his best behavior throughout this season.
We're tracking all the key injury news heading into Week 16's NFL games.
The Cowboys are now 3-0 with Romo this season and 0-7 without him.
The Cowboys were 2-0 when Tony Romo suffered a fractured clavicle. In the subsequent six games, with Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel under center, the Cowboys are 0-6.
A thrilling comeback win in Baltimore proves these aren't the same Bengals. But the Dolphins? Still the same disappointing team -- which is bad news for Joe Philbin.
Tracking all the key injury news heading into the NFL's Week 3's games.
That timetable would have both players returning for Week 7 against the New York Giants.
Tony Romo and the Cowboys sputtered at times Sunday night but finished strong against the Giants.
The Cowboys don't have to match last season's 12 wins to head back to the postseason. Given their easier-than-you-think schedule and defensive upgrades, getting back won't be quite as hard as it sounds.

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