While fans are convinced some players fake injuries to slow down offenses, Chip Kelly isn't interested in speculating.
NFL ruled there's no basis for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' accusations that the Giants were faking injuries. He shouldn't get away with that.
The NFL says there's 'no basis' for punishing the Giants over Jerry Jones allegations that they faked injuries.
Jerry Jones had this to say about back-to-back injury timeouts for the Giants and how they were faking: "It was so obvious it was funny."
Dan Connor, who will battle for a starting Giants linebacker job, was arrested Saturday and charged with possession of an offensive weapon.
Who starts at QB for the Bills, Jets, Raiders and Eagles? Who fills the leadership void in Baltimore? Pete Prisco asks a pressing question for each team heading into the summer.
Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o will spend Thursday and Friday meeting with the New York Giants, according to the New York Daily News. Te'o reportedly spent the past two days meeting with the Dolphins.
The Cowboys are caught in a speeding treadmill of salary cap problems. Joel Corry breaks down their mistakes and predicts tough consequences.
You will not find any 'A' or 'F' marks among Pete Prisco's grading of the opening week of free agency. The salary cap and draft dependency prevent super splashes.
One-year deals for free agents have been plentiful this offseason. Pat Kirwan that should create a glut for free agency in 2014, which should yield even more one-year deals.

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