Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy are big name running backs, but Dave Richard cautions that their histories could lead to some big headaches in 2017.
About 11 months after a traumatic knee injury, Bridgewater is back to working out with his leg uninhibited
Everyone seems to be worried about Mark Ingram's touches except for Heath Cummings. He tells you why and ranks the Saints Fantasy assets.
The former Oklahoma running back once lifted a car to help a stranded motorist change a tire
The former Panthers and Steelers running back says he won't play for for certain teams
There are 12 NFL teams that currently have a Super Bowl drought of more than 20 seasons
Unlike the obvious decision in a standard draft, the No. 3 pick is more interesting in the PPR format, Heath Cummings says .
Can you survive in a PPR league without having what is considered pass-catching running backs? Jamey Eisenberg says the answer is yes with how he put together his team at No. 4 overall.
Only two defensive players finished in the top 10 of the rankings
David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliot are in a tier of their own this season. After that, things get more interesting in this first look at the position.

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