The NFL's most underrated player? A D-lineman without one sack last season. Overrated? A fading RB. Tony Romo also makes our team-by-team list, of course.
What will Cam Newton's next deal look like? Or Alex Smith's? Structure is king in NFL contracts, and knowing how each team does deals provides a blueprint.
The Seahawks did not hire fritter away a wad of cash on free agency, hire a top assistant as head coach or go after a big-armed QB. Instead, they hired a guy fired twice in the NFL and found 53 guys who bought in.
This Super Bowl has it all: Peyton Manning looking to secure his legacy, Pete Carroll with a chance to join a select coaching club, Richard Sherman's big mouth -- and all the extras you can handle
Super Bowl Media Day is, by all accounts, a spectacle. We spent several hours Tuesday documenting it.
As you'd expect when a No. 1 offense faces the No. 1 defense, lots of Broncos offensive players (ahem, Peyton Manning) and Seahawks secondary folks (Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas) top this list.
Russell Wilson. Marshawn Lynch. The Legion of Boom secondary. GM Jon Schneider has quietly led Seattle to the Super Bowl with one shrewd move after another.
Tom Brady is 4-6 in his last 10 playoff games. It's been almost a decade since he won his last Super Bowl. Does he get a pass because he has three rings?
The 2014 Pro Bowl players were announced Friday. Not surprisingly, Broncos QB Peyton Manning was the leading vote-getter among fans.
It's looking more and more like Percy Harvin will make his Seahawks debut on Sunday. After practice on Friday, Harvin said he was 'ready to play.'

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