The options are plentiful for Week 15, but which two-start pitchers are actually worth your waiver wire time? Our Al Melchior sifts through the possibilities in his Fantasy First Pitch.
The first-half Fantasy All-Stars have put owners on track for a championship season. Now it's time to honor the disappointing All-Scrubs keeping other owners from a title.
Tigers right-hander Justin Verlander thinks the A's swung a deal for Samardzija and Hammel with Detroit and the playoffs in mind.
In each of the previous two seasons, the A's lost to the Tigers in the ALDS. They were just swept in three games in Detroit. So that means the Tigers 'own' the A's, right?
Is Jarred Cosart worthy of consideration in all Fantasy lineups in Week 14? Our Al Melchior evaluates all of your difficult pitching dilemmas for the upcoming scoring period.
Your AL MVP right now? Mike Trout, hands down. Clayton Kershaw and Felix Hernandez are looking like repeat Cy Young winners, too, as we run down June's best.
Let's take a look at the upcoming series for the week, with A's-Tigers, Brewers-Blue Jays and Cardinals-Giants at the top.
The best series of the weekend? Cardinals-Dodgers, Angels-Royals and Reds-Giants.
The Padres' offense is pathetic this season, but Tim Lincecum's no-hitter against them still deserves celebration. Here's why.
The high-and-inside fastball may be a bit out of fashion these days, but some pitchers still make the most of it.

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