The Chiefs hit a home run in the first round last year with cornerback Marcus Peters and they might look to do the same in the 2016 class with another need at corner and several worthy candidates likely to be available in the first round.
Is it time to draft Carson Palmer's heir apparent, or will the contending Cardinals take a swing at another defensive stud? The Cardinals are difficult to peg, considering comments made by the team's braintrust about willingly "redshirting" rookies.
The Chiefs addressed the offensive line in free agency but given the concern over Justin Houston, could another pass rusher be in the cards for Kansas City?
Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was thrilled to acquire pass rusher Chandler Jones from the Patriots but Arizona might live on the edge in the 2016 draft to further bolster the front seven.
The Giants and Texans break the bank while the Raiders and Jags also make some serious upgrades. Here are 32 grades for 32 teams -- including one F.
Wendall Williams deserved his 15 minutes of fame for a blistering 40-yard dash at the Minnesota regional combine, but put in proper context it was not the historic time many rushed to credit him with.
The NFL's competition committee is taking a serious look at how the injury reports are put together and there is a good chance they end up proposing some tweaks to it by the owner's meetings in late March.
Tom Brady would like to see more blocking and less flexing from Julian Edelman.
Tom Brady shouldered the offensive load for the Pats and led his team to yet another playoff victory.
Tom Brady scored his sixth career rushing touchdown in the playoffs, tying some notable quarterbacks in the record books.

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