Not only does Drake mention Lou Williams in a song, he puts him in a commercial.
At a Nuggets basketball clinic, the players asked Special Olympians for their autographs.
In a show of solidarity with his brother Robin, Brook Lopez attacks Hugo the Hornet.
Another night, another 13-game NBA schedule to process. Chris Towers says Kevin Love is among the best values for Friday lineups.
Reggie Jackson's hands get so cold on the bench that he has to wear hunting gloves.
DeMarcus Cousins checks his @ mentions so don't go criticizing him on Twitter.
Another day, another dose of drama for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But as they navigate the Eastern Conference and the news cycle, lessons learned from past Big Threes reveal a simple cure: winning.
Is a Western Conference gauntlet tougher than any in recent memory, are we losing sight of the fact that the Warriors might just be better? A look at Golden State's title contention resume.
Nuggets socializer says Romanian actress Madalina Ghenea is the most beautiful woman he's ever met.
A look at where the NBA playoffs stand on Friday, March 27, including the chance for a Raptors division title, Rockets and Clippers clinch, and the biggest weekend of the season for the Suns.

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