Who had the best and worst performances of the night? Check out the Five Star Review as we rate the NBA's action Wednesday night.
Charlotte guard Lance Stephenson crammed one on Bucks center Larry Sanders.
Build a FanDuel.com lineup around the most expensive talent? Not Chris Towers, who previews the Fantasy basketball landscape for Oct. 29.
Despite ominous statements from prominent players about how the NBA's new TV deal will affect collective bargaining, former commissioner David Stern believes the league will avoid a work stoppage in 2017.
Hornets forward pleas guilty on two charges while assault of a hotel employee charge is dropped, and faces 93 days in prison as a maximum sentence.
Utah center headed for restricted free agency after two sides can't close the gap.
Firebug point guard would have been second-best player on the team had the Lakers not waited for Carmelo Anthony and the pipedream of a superstar.
As a city reconnects with its NBA team Wednesday night, the Charlotte Hornets and their owner, Michael Jordan, get a much-needed do-over.
Brooklyn point guard Deron Williams said that there's no pressure on him since people have written him off.
Zach Harper and James Herbert discuss Anthony Davis' dominance, Julius Randle's broken leg, and preview Wednesday night's games.

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