Following Friday's trade, the Cubs boast baseball's deepest collection of elite prospects. How many other teams have had this many high-caliber minor leaguers?
The Yankees are making a hard push for Masahiro Tanaka, but what happens if they don't sign him? The pitching alternatives are limited.
Another day, another batch of scuttle and signings. Let's run down all you need to know for Monday.
Rays right-hander Jeff Niemann will soon have shoulder surgery and is likely to miss the rest of the season.
The Tampa Bay Rays have named their starting rotation, and there's a surprise in there. Jeff Niemann is heading to the bullpen and Roberto Hernandez -- aka the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona -- will be a starter.
A lot has changed since our Scott White published his initial tiers by position for 2013. He revisits his initial thoughts one final time before Draft Day.
Just for fun this week, in addition to ranking the rotations in each division, we're assigning a poker hand to each rotation. Now, it's the American League East's turn.
Taking a chance on a player before he explodes on the scene is one of the biggest keys to a successful Fantasy season. Our Scott White shares his favorite breakout candidates for 2013.
The player pool thins out pretty quickly in league-specific formats. Scott White recaps our latest Head-to-Head American League mock, which had an interesting development during the draft.
Can those plucky Rays pull off a sixth consecutive winning season and fourth consecutive 90-win campaign despite severe budgetary constraints?

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