Auctions provide a clearer measurement of scarcity than the color-by-the numbers snake draft. So what did our AL-only one say? Steals and saves are reeeeally hard to come by, Scott White says.
Number one is glaringly obvious, but how about the rest?
Who will be the top 10 second basemen in baseball this season?
The Red Sox have enjoyed the fruits of a strong farm system lately, and Andrew Benintendi could be the best of the crop, Chris Towers says.
Second base isn't lacking at the top, but with so much meat in the middle, it's a position where Fantasy owners can afford to wait on Draft Day.
Who are the players to avoid on Draft Day? Scott White has 12, including a World Series hero and a near record-setter at second base.
Where are the bargains on Draft Day? Scott White looks at 12 in his first edition of Sleepers.
Let's take a glance around the current players and see who might make the Hall of Fame
Will an improved pitching staff and team defense be enough to make up for the loss of Big Papi?
A bunch of players have already changed residences in December, which of course impacts the draft pool, but Scott White says those weren't the biggest revelations from our latest mock draft.

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