Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Earlier this season, Jerry Jones ripped former Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden. On Monday, Weeden responded.
Marty Hurney and Brian Xanders don't want credit for their former teams' run to Super Bowl 50, but the work of the two ex-GMs speaks for itself.
From 1992-1995, the Cowboys won 49 regular-season games and three Super Bowl titles. In the two decades since, they're 162-158.
The upside to going 4-12: you get to pick fourth overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.
We can't envision a situation where either Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III play with their current teams next season. The Cowboys, however, are another story.
For a week 39-year-old Peyton Manning had to hear about how he is too old, too decrepit, too noodle-armed to compete against his spry counterpart Tom Brady and mastermind Bill Belichick.
Tony Romo appeared in just four games last season after fracturing his clavicle on two separate occasions.
America couldn't get enough of this 4-12 team.
With Washington nearly certain to release Robert Griffin III after Super Bowl 50, the former Rookie of the Year could end up in plenty of different locations and situations heading into next season.
Would RG3 be a better fit than Johnny Manziel in Dallas?

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