Some franchises have minor technicalities to remedy while others have key holes to plug
Can the Orlando Magic really sign a marquee free agent? And what happens if they can't land one of their top targets?
The versatile power forward failed his physical and now a three-team deal leaves two teams in awkward positions and trying to adjust.
Heath Cummings and Chris Towers have expanded their daily coverage to include DraftKings. They discuss the difference in the two sites and provide the top plays on both sites.
Would Karl-Anthony Towns still go No. 1? Should Kristaps Porzingis be on the Lakers? Which players should have gone in the lottery?
Teams had chances to make big moves but decided to stand pat, as only small deals happened. A look at the winners and losers from the NBA trade deadline.
All of the trades that go down before Thursday's deadline, can be found right here.
The top 8 protected pick goes to the Rockets and the Pistons get to beef up their bench.
Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss the Pistons-Magic trade, the current trade rumors the day before the deadline, and stealing statues.
Zach Harper and Matt Moore debate the Magic's deal of Tobias Harris and whether future flexibility is enough in return for their starting power forward.

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