Want to play in Super Bowl LI? Play football down south ... or in New Jersey
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The calendar has changed to 2017 and National Signing Day is less than two weeks away, so how do things stack up in the conference?
The Tigers have a ton of QBs set to fight it out in an effort to step in for a two-time Heisman finalist
The Blue Devils are taking a beating without Coach K
Keep an eye on Duke-Lousville, Florida State-UNC, plus if Baylor can bounce back
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A look back at 13 preseason predictions made before the college football season. A few were off. Most hit big.
The Tigers were the best team of the 2016 campaign, but can they stack up to the best of the best?
The Fornelli 50 is a mathematical ranking of teams based on nothing but their performances in the current season
The Sooners won 10 games in a row and capped off the season with a Sugar Bowl victory
The Crimson Tide are already early favorites to win another national championship next season

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