| 1469293708
Florida State appears to be ready for Ole Miss in the upcoming 2016 season opener in Orlando.
| 1469216224
A transcript of Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher as well as running back Dalvin Cook and defensive end DeMarcus Walker speaking to media at the ACC Kickoff.
| 1469147782
LSU has extended an offer to Louisiana quarterback Justin Rogers.
| 1469139438
Here we go again. Conference realignment talk. The recent buzz around the Big 12 conference possibly expanding has put several schools like BYU, Houston, Memphis, and
| 1469137523
It's been a day of endorsements for Houston to the Big 12 from University of Texas movers and shakers. Texas governor Gregg Abbott, a UT graduate, started things off by
| 1469132888
Texas governor Greg Abbott expressed his support for Houston to join the Big 12 on Thursday, and Texas president Greg Fenves has now done the same. Fenves called Houston
Houston's bid to join the Big 12 has the support of Texas governor Greg Abbott
Texas ultimately had to vote 'yes' on expansion, which is interesting considering it was staunchly against it
| 1469034327
Video of quarterback Grant Gunnell in action at Florida State.
With the Big 12 opening its expansion doors, it will likely have to fend off a stampede of Group of Five schools hoping for one last shot at major-conference glory

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