A Reddit user put googly eyes on the most popular college football mascots.
For the first time, college athletes are being paid for use of their names, images and likenesses. They reacted to receiving checks in the mail on Twitter.
Former Kansas football player Bryan Sperry won't let age hold him back.
Kansas' football team was playing knockout during spring practice for a viral video to wish the basketball team good luck in Thursday's Sweet 16 matchup against Maryland.
Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy did not hold back about the strain the Texas-centric Longhorn Network is putting on the Big 12 conference.
A Kansas rower has filed a lawsuit against the school claiming she was raped in an on-campus dorm by a football player.
The Big 12 must do something to address its future. CBS Sports learned plenty after sitting down with the league's commissioner to discuss the state of his conference.
Cincinnati used a firm headed by the wife of the Big 12's former interim commissioner to analyze its chances of joining the conference and received those services free of charge.
Jim Harbaugh earned his praise, but where did the rest of 2015 college football coaching hires check in as we reranked the field after one year of on-field action? Check ito out.
Kansas has suspended one player and dismissed another after arrests linked to a robbery.

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