Here's what Doug Gottlieb noticed this weekend and what he'll be watching coming up
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The calendar has changed to 2017 and National Signing Day is less than two weeks away, so how do things stack up in the conference?
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Following a trend adopted by the SEC and ACC, the Big 12 will use a centralized replay system for reviews during football games. The measure was approved by the
One AP voter has Kansas ranked 13th, which goes against basically everything
Villanova makes the leap over Kansas to the No. 1 spot and Duke falls to No. 18
The Blue Devils are taking a beating without Coach K
Keep an eye on Duke-Lousville, Florida State-UNC, plus if Baylor can bounce back
Kansas is No. 4 in Tuesday's updated Top 25 (and 1) after getting a wild win vs. Kansas State
It'll be a fun run to '17: Duke sans Allen, a big Louisville-Indiana game and the Big 12 owns Friday
With the holidays in full swing, here's a rundown of all that was naughty and nice about college football

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