In our latest installment of the 3-Man Weave, our experts dissect Kobe Bryant's announcement and his final season in the Association.
Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss the retirement announcement of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant's comments about Kobe and the media, and much more.
Magic Johnson played with and against Michael Jordan. He's been around Kobe Bryant's entire career. He says Kobe is the closest we've seen to MJ.
How many of us get to tell Michael Jordan when we retire?
If you were smart enough to get tickets early for the Lakers' last game of the season, you can cash in now.
Kevin Durant doesn't like the way Kobe Bryant was treated by the media during his final years.
Lakers star Kobe Bryant is waving goodbye to the game, but reportedly does not want a farewell tour.
The Black Mamba is hanging up the Nikes, and on the night he announced his retirement at season's end, he waxed philosophic with reporters in a post-game press conference.
Kobe Bryant's retirement poem shares some similarities with Michael Jordan's final goodbye letter to basketball.
Dwight Howard was asked if he learned anything from Kobe Bryant, his response: "Next question." However, Howard did praise Bryant's career when responding to a different question.

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