Lakers head coach Byron Scott believes the team can turn things around quickly with free agency and the draft.
Should Portland want Damian Lillard or LaMarcus Aldridge? Why isn't Anthony Davis getting more chances? The best and worst clutch shooters this season.
Nigel Hayes is pumped that he gets to use Kobe's locker. Bryant is happy to lend it to the Wisconsin forward.
Kevin Love's probably staying with the Cavs, which is great for them and him. But he's not really sounding very happy there, and that's not so great.
Though a bevy of big names are still sidelined by injuries across the league, some stars are returning just in time for the Fantasy playoffs.
Kobe Bryant told reporters he will play next season and won't close the door on keeping going after that.
Mavs guard Rajon Rondo said that it's an honor and a compliment to be recruited by Kobe Bryant.
Knee injuries are more dreaded, but the Achilles tear has been one of the toughest for NBA players to overcome.
In an effort to get fans in the door, the Lakers will honor Kobe's 20th season numerous times next season.
We're three quarters of the way through the 2014-15 NBA season and we give the Western Conference the Five-Star Review treatment.

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