Chris Paul has effectively taken over the franchise of the Clippers now that the coach he wanted, Doc Rivers, has been acquired through trade. Is that a good thing?
Zach Harper and Matt Moore discuss the Heat-Pacers matchup in Game 7, Dwyane Wade's play, and the retirements of Jason Kidd and Grant Hill.
Grant Hill retired from professional basketball Saturday on TNT's 'Inside the NBA.'
The Memphis Grizzlies were going to arrive at a moment like this eventually: a chance to find out if they're better without Rudy Gay or not. As it turned out, the most important game of the post-Gay era arrived sooner than expected.
The 'L.A. Times' has some interesting information on the inner workings of the team which suggest it's not all sunshine and happiness inside the Clippers locker room.
Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard has refocused since the All-Star break and learned how to not be afraid to miss, thanks to Kobe Bryant.
Grant Hill came off the bench to help slow down Carmelo Anthony in the fourth quarter Sunday, making the Clippers' 102-88 victory over the Knicks a case study in just how deep and dangerous they can be come playoff time.
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has criticisms of himself and his team.
The San Antonio Spurs' model can't be copied. Here's why.
With the usual drama swirling elsewhere, Chris Paul has made the Los Angeles Clippers the story of the NBA season so far. Even more impressive, he's made the Clippers about winning.

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