Most of the big news in NBA free agency has pretty much happened, barring any big trades, but teams in the East need to fill their rosters.
After winning their second straight title, the Miami Heat are the favorites to win it again in 2014, according to Bovada.
Danny Green is wide open for a 3 in the corner. Except he's kind of not. Because he has to deal with the distraction of the Heat's bench yelling and stomping at him as he shoots.
Miami Heat sharpshooter Ray Allen will have plenty of options when he picks out his Air Jordan XX8s for the NBA Finals against the Spurs.
A policy to punish floppers -- great! But so far, no good. Ken Berger says the league isn't doing enough to make players remove the phony act from their repertoire.
Nightly grades for the performances in the NBA.
A breakdown of the awesome crowd reactions right after the incredible dunk by Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.
All the Heat are missing at this point is a 40-year-old power forward that won't play, right? Not anymore; they have brought back Juwan Howard.

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