You can't blame the Pac-12 for being a little defensive. Commissioner Larry Scott feels says it plays the toughest schedule in college football. A national title in would help prove its supremacy.
Dave Brandon's plan to offer fireworks shows during and after two 2014 Michigan home games -- including the game vs. Penn State -- was rejected by Michigan's regents.
The only previous meeting between Michigan and Oklahoma was in the 1976 Orange Bowl.
Now that we have 32 teams in the CBSSports.com College Football Program Draft, somebody has to place them in divisions to give us a real pro-league feel.
The search is on for the top college football programs in the form of an NFL-style draft. Let's trash the Power 5 concept, reignite realignment and start our own league with the best teams, regardless of affiliation.
From Michigan State-Oklahoma to FSU-Stanford and Alabama-Oregon, there are at least 10 great first-time matchups the College Football Playoff can provide
Michigan offensive lineman Graham Glasgow pleaded guilty Monday to a charge of driving while visibly impaired.
There is a person on Etsy selling replicas of college football stadiums made out of Legos for $400.
Isaac, one of the nation's top prep players from 2013, appears headed to one of the Big Ten's most storied programs.
There's not a lot of excitement outside the league for fans of the Pac-12 this year.

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